At Aerison we believe everyone has a right to return home safely every day, as well as a duty to take care of themselves and those around them. Our approach to Health and Safety is underpinned by personal commitment and individual empowerment.

Safety Essentials

Aerison has identified a list of critical risk activities our people can be exposed to. Safety Essentials are the critical controls which shall be implemented to manage these risks. Each employee must be aware of the Safety Essentials and the critical controls used to mitigate the risks. 

Keeping people safe is our absolute priority

We aim to create a Zero Harm workplace with no significant incidents across all operations and projects, despite the often-difficult conditions in which we operate. To support this goal, we have strengthened our focus on the critical risks within our business. The Safety Essentials programme builds on our internal and external collective knowledge and improved safety standards, representing a renewed commitment to safety performance at Aerison.

Enhancing the culture through Communication

Communication is critical to maintaining a Zero Harm environment and it is important that everyone understands our approach to health and safety – and feels empowered to play their part. The communication process commences when an individual starts with Aerison where all new employee’s are given a one-to-one safety commitment interview and asked to personally sign up to the Safety Essentials program.

This commitment includes;

  • Educating and building a strong performance based safety culture.
  • Giving clear guidelines on the Hierarchy of Control.
  • Highlighting examples of good practice.
  • Complying with policies and procedures.

Stop Work Authority (SWA)

Our people are empowered to stop the job! Any employee or contractor is personally responsible and authorised to stop work that does not comply with Aerison Safety Essentials – we also have a commitment and will respond to any situation where safety is raised as an issue.