Keeping people safe is our absolute priority.

At Aerison we believe everyone has a right to return home safely every day, as well as a duty to take care of themselves and those around them.  We aim to create a zero harm workplace with no significant incidents across all operations and projects, despite the often-difficult conditions in which we operate.

Our people are empowered to stop the job. All employees or contractors are personally responsible and authorised to stop work if they feel unsafe. We also have a management commitment and will respond to any situation where safety is raised as an issue

Aerison have identified that leadership, mentoring and training are key elements to encourage continuous improvement within industry and surrounding the works we complete. To accompany this, Aerison have a detailed critical risk management program and accompanying leadership team audits and inspection regimes to demonstrate our commitment to health and safety amongst our workforces.


Enhancing safety culture

Communication is critical to achieving our health and safety goals and it is important that everyone understands our approach and feels empowered to play their part. The communication process commences when an individual starts employment with Aerison and is given the opportunity to make a personal commitment to, and be an integral part of the following:.

This commitment includes:

  • Educating and building a strong performance-based safety culture.
  • Giving clear guidelines on the Hierarchy of Control.
  • Highlighting examples of good practice.
  • Complying with policies and procedures.



Aerison understands the importance of workplace health and wellbeing and all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to how workers feel about their work, and the climate they work in and the organization they work for. To support this, Aersion have invested in a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and training of Mental Health First Aiders, who in turn are here to support and promote the educational material available to our people.


Environment and the communities we work in

Aerison understands both the importance of environmental conservation and respecting the communities in which we work and our responsibility to manage the works we carry out. Aerison are committed in reducing waste, pollution and delivering environmental operational excellence on each project we deliver.

Our certified environmental management system enables us to identify and manage the aspects and impacts of the works we complete and provide clear and precise controls to minimise risk. These processes are delivered by our experienced HSE and Operational teams and allows us to strive for continuous improvement.